<%x0xf> The.Anal.Team.XXX.DVDRip.XviD-Pr0nStarS.sample.avi
<qoa> The fact that you couldn't legally purchase that cracks me up.
<%x0xf> yeah?
<%x0xf> i bet it does
<%x0xf> but i cant legally buy heroine either
<%x0xf> does that make you laugh?
<qoa> Almost as much as you sitting there jerking off to porn hoping your mom doesn't walk in and/or find your porn does.
<%x0xf> nobody walks in on me fool. and this is my pc
<%x0xf> my mom doesn't even know what a mouse is
<%x0xf> i have locks on my doors
<qoa> Wow, you're so grown up! Do you get to pick your own bedtime too?
<%x0xf> no :(
<%x0xf> as a matter of fact
<%x0xf> im not supposed to be on
<%x0xf> later.