<djs> im waiting til the Matrix Online game comes out
<!qoa> That game is gayee.
<!qoa> The fights are paper/rock/scissors.
<!qoa> That's so matrix like.
<!qoa> Cause they paused on walls, looked at eachother, and did 3 fist pounds before laying their piece.
<!qoa> tunabot paper
<+tunabot> Your paper leaves my rock bereft sunlight and it suffocates, qoa wins.
<bizaro> bullet time rock/paper/scissors
<!qoa> Neo killed Smith !
<!qoa> tunabot paper
<+tunabot> My scissors let the pain out of your paper, cutter style, qoa loses.
<!qoa> An agent killed Morpheus :[
<!qoa> There's your game.
<bizaro> lmao
<bizaro> tunabot rock
<+tunabot> Your rock crushes my scissors and leaves them useless, bizaro wins.
<!qoa> You are the one bizaro!.
<djs> hahaha