<septor> Time for some ET.
<Caboose> What a fag.
<Caboose> Get out.
<SocialDem> owned
<Caboose> You dumbass.
<Caboose> Correct that.
<SocialDem> lol
<Caboose> And that.
<SocialDem> klassik: you around?
<Caboose> Would you fix your fucking typing?
<Caboose> Goddamnit.
<SocialDem> That is correct.
<SocialDem> I was saying his name.
<SocialDem> Then a colon
<Caboose> You're making yourself look like an idiot.
<SocialDem> Thats correct.
<SocialDem> You are.
<SocialDem> Because what I said was correct
<SocialDem> .
<Caboose> Techically, you typed it wrong anyway.
<SocialDem> How so?
<Caboose> Since there should be (2) spaces after a : .
<SocialDem> No.
<SocialDem> Two spaces after a period.
<Caboose> Naw.
<Caboose> Go look it up.
<Caboose> I'm right.
<Caboose> I'll bet you all the money I have in the bank.
<SocialDem> Where would I look that up?
<Caboose> Motherfuck, I'll do it.
<Caboose> Since you don't know how to ask Jeeves.
<SocialDem> k
<Caboose> Right there.
<Caboose> In fucking yellow.