<Caboose> i think i fucked my knee up again.
<Caboose> the one they fixed last year.
<Caboose> :(
<qoa> Way to go ace.
<Caboose> i know
<Caboose> i guess i was on them too much.
<qoa> How did you fuck it up the first time clover?
<Caboose> haha
<Caboose> i dunno.
<Caboose> they said i had a build up in the joint.
<qoa> It had to have been a build up of sperm.
<Caboose> when they got in there, there was nothing but a bunch of scar tissue and torn tissue floating around.
<Caboose> in my knee.
<Caboose> i guess...?
<qoa> Bukkake does that.