<~qoa> Two gay Israeli men have installed a huge double bed in a New York art gallery and are inviting Arab men to become their "lover" as part of an exhibition called "Sleeping with the Enemy."
<~qoa> But the artists who like to be known simply as Gil and Moti talk about the project in romantic terms, saying it's about "falling in love" rather than sex. Gil said visitors should not come to the show expecting to see pornography.
<~qoa> Who's your friend Joe?
<Joe> .
<Joe> what the fuck.
<Josh> israelis and jews are the same right?
<Joe> I'm not Israeli
<Joe> no they aren't
<Josh> no they are
<Joe> i'm american
<Josh> exactly the same thing
<Josh> gigantic noses
<Josh> totally gay
<Joe> i don't have a big nose, fag
<Josh> greedy as shit
<Joe> well yeah I can't object to that one ;)
<Joe> the gay
<Josh> ;-)
<Josh> me and you should make an art gallery