<senses3> how would you guys think about moving the channel to my server?
<senses3> i have the resources
<Omeba> why would we move servers again
<Omeba> my settings are set
<Omeba> i dont want to change them
<septor> agreed, why would we move servers again?
<senses3> to get off a public server
<senses3> if you dont wanna thats fine but i just upgraded and i have the resources
<senses3> if you ever change your mind lmk
<Omeba> its a cool idea, just doesn't make any sense. We arent discussing illegal shit here.
<senses3> yeah thats why this place is so boring
<senses3> l0ol
<Omeba> 420blazeitfaggot
<septor> if i, personally, was worried about chatting on a server ran by "the man" i would have just kept my ircd running and we would have stayed there
<septor> and fucking seriously "illegal shit" on irc?
<septor> i can attribute 70% of my music collection to irc downloads
<septor> AND FINALLY
<septor> i would just get a new vps and install an irc server and move there before i would move to your server
<septor> no offense, but, you can't even hold a job washing dishes
<septor> the stability of anything you own is far too questionable
<Omeba> rekt